Hi! I'm Barbara. Wife, Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma, author of PATE, PASTE AND PATIENCE. This is the story of Camille, age 73, determined to make the last chapter of her life the best chapter, 


Brian feels it’s time that Camille moves closer to him. Camille doesn’t share that view and proceeds to prove it through Adult Education Courses to show she is still relevant. She enlists her friend Sarah to attend Intro to French Cooking with her. All goes well until their perfect souffle deflates with a thud. Camille’s Internal Construction Class leaves her nauseas from the dry wall and Amy, Camille’s entertaining but often inconvenient rollator, a walker with wheels, gets covered with wallpaper paste. All is not lost as Camille’s Great Grandson Pyke is able to convince his Grandfather Brian, that Great Grandma Camille can swing a mean hammer and is still way cool.

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Last Chapter Novellas #1

Camille proves to herself and her son that she is perfectly capable of living in her own home on her own terms as  she tackles French cooking and internal construction in Adult Education courses.

Coming in  November, Parties, Protests and Poses, takes Camille and her friend Sarah from her great grandson's birthday party, to an ADA violator (ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act) protest, and on to an adaptive Yoga class!


Keep up with Camille's adventures. You know you want to!

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