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Our Mission

At Last Chapter Living, we know there is no limit to what older individuals and those with disabilities can accomplish. We strive to redefine ageing for everyone by challenging the stigmas that have become attached to it. Through our website and blog, we offer information focused on issues faced by olders, stories about being older, books to buy about older individuals that are written by an older There is also a boutique that features things to make a statement...everything you need to start to your own movement in a warm, welcoming environment! Let's make sure we are making our last chapter our best chapter.

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Stark contrasts in ageism

Ageism in our 70s holds its own unique set of challenges that differ from ageism in our 50s. While both age groups may face discrimination based on their age, the stereotypes and biases associated with each stage of life vary significantly. In our 50s, there is often pressure to maintain a youthful appearance and energy, with a focus on remaining relevant in the workplace and society. On the other hand, ageism in our 70s often manifests through assumptions about declining physical and mental capabilities, leading to societal marginalization.

In our 70s, there is also a tendency for others to infantilize older individuals or dismiss their contributions based on their age alone. While ageism in our 50s may stem from concerns about productivity or adaptability, ageism in our 70s can be compounded by broader societal perceptions about aging and frailty. It's essential to recognize that these distinctions impact how individuals are perceived, treated, and valued within society at different stages of older adulthood.

Ultimately, addressing ageism requires an understanding of the shifting dynamics and nuances at play throughout the aging process. By confronting these biases head-on, we can work towards creating a more inclusive world for individuals of all ages while fostering respect for the unique experiences and contributions across the spectrum of aging.

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