You've arrived at a website that is meant to be enjoyed by older persons and the people who love them. The goal is that you will find a home on the web that you find relatable. The wish is that you will return over and over! Invite your family and friends to see what you are finding so interesting these days, too.


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Beautiful faces making their last chapter their best....

It isn't often we get to see a parade of people in their 60s, 70s, and beyond. These are what Last Chapter Living is all about. Visit our blog, read refreshing, relatable stories, relax and enjoy. We hope it inspires​ you to make your last chapter your best, too! Please listen to the lovely music that accomanies the video.


Last Chapter Novellas #1

Camille proves to her son, Brian, that she can live on her own, in her own home and on her own terms. You'll enjoy this story as she and her best friend Sarah try their hand at French cooking, and an interpersonal class called Dealing With Difficult People. And...would you believe me when I tell you she even enrolled in an Internal Construction class? She does, and her construction partner, dubbed Grumpy Guy, dishes out a little ageism and ableism and she copes with it with the dignity only a 73 year old woman can.


Join me every Friday for a brand new 'Friday Funny'!

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