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Only One? Why?

When out in public, isn't it disturbing finding the accessible toilet area to be at the end of the long row of toilets for ables? It's rather inconvenient for many reasons. I am a user of a rollator (a walker on wheels) , so those with other mobility variants will have different observations. With my assistive device, I will need to maneuver it around and through those using the handwashing area, which is always opposite the long line of toilets. Often, especially in airports, I encounter a line of women so long that it extends out the door. I'm never sure what is proper wait in like for my turn or, always knowing that there is only one toilet that will accommodate me, to push past them to the inside.

Ever wonder why there is only one of these accessible stalls available? My theory is that they feel that there aren't that many 'disabled' people that are out and about. It is also my theory that this might be THE reason there aren't that many compromised people out and about. It is just too inconvenient. What are your experiences? Please share them in the comments with us.

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