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"Aged wisdom speaks through the pen of the older writer."

My Words On Paper

Barbara Laughlin - author

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Novella #1 and 2 of the Last Chapter Novellas series now available!

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Pate, Paste and Patience is relatable fiction written for older individuals, by an older individual...Barbara Laughlin.

“Pate, Paste and Patience" is a delightful story of two women, Camille and Sarah, both age 73. Embracing Adult Education courses at their local community college, they embark on a journey to to learn the art of French cooking. Of course, mishaps happen and these two friends experience their share of them. Camille then branches out on her own, with an Internal Construction class where she is teamed up with George, also dubbed Grumpy Guy. With that information, I’m sure you are developing a mental picture of what can possibly happen next. This first of the series is sure to leave you wanting more of Camille and Sarah’s smile worthy life adventures.

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All Last Chapter Novellas are available in both print and eReader.

Last Chapter Novellas is always happy to hear from their readers.

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Parties, Protests and Poses

Seventy-three year  old Camille and her friend Sarah continue making their last chapter their best with more adventures. From having her 9-year-old great grandson visit for a couple of weeks to being almost arrested during a protest, she and her friend Sarah then go on to enjoy a yoga class where everyone...all ages, abilities (think physical compromises) is welcome. This second Last Chapter Novella is sure to be a relatable, fun read.

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Hi, I'm of Last Chapters Novellas. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ink and Experience Press recently and I'd love to share some excerpts with you from that interview.

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1) Ink and Experience: When and why did you start writing?

Seems I've always needed and wanted to have a cause. In my 50s, it was senior fitness, in my 60s it was shelter pets and in my 70s, it's growing older. So here I am at 73...writing and hoping that my characters become inspiring friends to my readers.

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2) Ink and Experience: Where do you get your ideas?

One Living it, watching others live theirs. Sometimes I need to tame it down a bit, other times I get to embellish experiences.

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3) Ink and Experience: What are you currently working on?

I'm working at getting Parties, Protests and Poses published and available for Camille's (the main character in all Last Chapter Novellas) fans to enjoy.

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4) Ink and Experience: Do you ever edit anything out of Last Chapters Novellas?

Yes, Parties, Protests and Poses required some editing in the Inclusive Yoga class chapters. We have been so entrenched in words devaluing older people, the young and the physically compromised, so I'm always watching that none of these creeps into my writing. For example, in the upcoming Parties, Protests and Poses, there is a young girl that came to Yoga class with her grandma. She is the age that is referred to as a Gen Zer. She made a somewhat nasty comment in the first class about her grandma, causing me to 'take an attitude' towards her. I found myself using ageist language that I wasn't proud of and had to go back, editing those derogatory parts out. Ageism goes both ways...old and young.

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Do you have questions? Care to share what you think about Last Chapter Novellas? Perhaps you want to be kept up to date about my books and/or website? Here's the place to do it.

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