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Anxiety - what can we do?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

I think anxiety hits us all in ways we share and ways that may be specific to our living arrangements. If we live alone, we may have anxiety about feeling unsafe and defenseless. A solution to that would be to have an alarm system installed in our home or living space. We can wear an alert device that would call for help should we have an emergency. There is also the obvious of looking around the home, finding the things that could cause trips and falls, and remedy that. There are other, occasional things that cause anxiety, too. For instance, once a year, I take a cross country plane trip to see my son, grandkids and especially, my great grandson, Crew. Because I'm a little more experienced after a few years of doing this, I don't have nearly the anxiety I once did. However, when I became full time reliant on a rollator (a walker on wheels), there were many anxieties. How am I going to get through security? I can't walk unassisted without Gracie, my rollator. But I told myself 'sometimes I can walk a few feet, maybe I should chance the short trip through the security gizmo we all need to walk through'. The fact is, that was a terrible idea that could have turned disastrous. I could have avoided many days of anxiety and worry if I had just made my decision of how to handle this ahead of time. My answer was to face the reality of it all, decide how to handle it, then rest assured I made the right decision. Anything that we can plan for eases the anxiety.

There are untold mountains of other things that can lead to anxiety. Worry about the isolation that this ever lingering Covid has caused. Visits from someone that makes you feel like they are evaluating and being judgmental of you. Please, take a moment and share your personal experiences with anxiety and your solutions for it. You just may help someone experiencing the same issues.

Further help, along with an online test to help you determine your own level of anxiety can be found here. It's free and you will receive your results immediately on this mental health site. They will not ask you for your email address.


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