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Fly Without Angst...there is help!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

A woman with out stretched arms.

Disabled and flying? Yeah, me too. This woman felt the angst until she learned what she can expect from the airline, and the rights afforded her through the ADA plus so many other things! We do have rights and protections that you may not be aware of. It really helps to know what you can expect and then advocate for it. For instance, if like this woman you need a wheel chair, you will need to transfer to a chair that can navigate the aisle of a plane when boarding and taking your seat. What you can expect is that your wheel chair will be waiting for you immediately upon landing and right outside the plane door. The same goes for walkers. Our mobility aids need to be tagged at the gate for this to happen. This is not a special service, it is required. There are many things that a visit to Department of Transportation, traveling with a disability can help to calm the angst with.


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